May-June 2012

Cover: Photograph of the 33° Double-headed Eagle Acroterium from the House of the Temple (© Maxwell MacKenzie, Washington, D.C.)

  • Photo of Grand Commander Ronald A. Seale, 33°
    Grand Commander's Message: A Celebration of Us

    A number of positive points, aptly called “strategies,” arose from the Scottish Rite’s strategic planning process. Here are several to which we have tried to remain faithful in our program planning.

  • Featured in the 2004 film, National Treasure, this Bible dates to 1641.
    The Great Light: Rare Bibles in the Scottish Rite Library

    Everyone has some personal “stuff” on their desk. Some have family photos or some books. Others have their kids’ artwork. Well, for me, I also have a Bible(1) sitting on my desk. And, it’s not because I’m married to a minister, either. This Bible is really unique. It’s not just any Bible, it’s a ratty old-looking Bible, with part of the cover coming off. And, it has been on my desk since I first began working at the Scottish Rite.

  • You're Watching What?!

    On May 19, 2012, the Supreme Council will broadcast via the Internet a six-hour program entitled a Celebration of the Craft of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Ill. Norm Crosby, 33°, Grand Cross, will host this web event that will feature live music, humor, Masonic education, and much more.

  • Joshua Saxon with his son at Chincoteague, Virginia
    Four Little Words

    Baltimore’s Hilgenberg RiteCare Childhood Speech and Language Center works miracles with their young clients, and Joey Saxon is one of their success stories.

  • Fifth Degree, Perfect Master, painting by Robert H. White, 32°
    Thoughts on the Fifth Degree

    The Fifth Degree, Perfect Master, teaches us that idleness is the burial of a living man. Since Scottish Rite Freemasonry is progressive and each degree builds on the previous one, we find in this degree the themes of self-motivation and defeating procrastination logically follow and augment the themes of duty and labor from the Fourth Degree, Secret Master.

  • Brother Brother's Journal illustration, The Augean Stables
    Brother Brother’s Journal: The Augean Stables

    I’d been itching to try some ritual work, but I could barely tyle my own garden gate without some frightful mishap….

  • Monumento de la Constitucion
    Masonic Tourist: The Monumento de la Contitucion

    The Constitution Plaza in St. Augustine, Florida, has a monument to the 1813 Spanish Constitution that bears a square and compasses.

  • Carl Claudy, PGM, Grand Lodge, F.A.A.M. of the District of Columbia
    Scottish Rite Short Notes: Broadening Masonic Horizons

    Study after study have shown that new members of the Scottish Rite want to learn more about their fraternity. They want more Masonic Education!

  • Mission Possible: San Diego Conference, March 9–10, 2012

    I had the pleasure of attending the 2012 Scottish Rite Leadership Conference held in San Diego on March 9 and 10 at the Towne & Country Resort Conference Center. It was a great success and well attended by fellow Scottish Rite Masons from as far away as Japan. Also in attendance was SGC Ronald Seale, 33°, and his Supreme Council staff from Washington DC, as well as Grand Masters from many states within the jurisdiction.

  • Eighth Degree, Intendant of the Building, jewel and apron
    Investing in the Future: Intendant of the Building Society

    By including the Scottish Rite’s charities in your estate plans, you join a group of distinguished individuals who serve as role models to future generations—you become an Intendant of the Building.

  • Brother Brother's Journal cover
    Book Reviews: Oh, Brother!

    So there I was, in a hotel in Atlanta, at the Conference of Grand Masters of Masons of North America.

  • Book presentation
    Current Interest: Washington, D.C. DeMolays Sponsor Knight Templar Book

    Ill. Leonard Proden, 33°, SGIG in the District of Columbia (r.), and “Dad” Albert McNair Smith, 33°, Executive Officer in D.C. and Active Member of DeMolay International (l.), presented Bro. Kevin Eastridge (c.), with his and the Nation’s Capital DeMolay members their Adopt-a-Book certificates.

  • Tree of Life Seminar logo
    Current Interest: The Tree of Life Seminar Series: A Unique Learning Experience

    The Valley of Washington, DC, and the DC College, Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis (Masonic Rosicrucians) are sponsoring an eight-session open, virtual, workshop, “The Tree of Life Seminar Series.” The first two sessions were held on March 25 and April 22, but the remaining six will be held between May 20 and November 11.

  • 2012 RiteCare Conference logo
    Current Interest: RiteCare Conference 2012

    Come join us! The RiteCare Conference Program Committee is at the drawing board for the 2012 Conference in Dallas, Texas, which will be held September 13–15.

  • Resolution by the Grand Lodge of Maryland honoring Dr. Robert S. Zimmer, 32°
    Current Interest: Allegany College of Md. Dedicates Theatre to Bro. Robert S. Zimmer, 32°

    On March 9, 2012, the Allegany College of Maryland dedicated their theatre to Bro. Robert S. Zimmer, 32°, as part of their 50th Anniversary Celebration. Dr. Zimmer was the founding president of the college, then known as Allegany Community College, in Cumberland, Maryland.

  • Freemasonry Q & A: May-June 2012

    The number of general officers in the Continental Army who were Masons is often exaggerated—by Masons and anti-Masons alike!

  • Notes from The Northern Light: May-June 2012

    A publication of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction