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The Library, Archives, and Museum of the Supreme Council: Preserving the Great Heritage

December 29, 2010
Albert Pike's Formulas and Rituals book Many Masons who have visited the House of the Temple are aware that the Library of the Supreme Council was started with Albert Pike’s Collection of several thousand volumes, and that it was the first free library open to the public in Washington, D.C. But the story of how the Library grew to a collection of over 200,000 volumes is simply incredible.

General Information – Library

September 12, 2019
Library Hours MASKING UPDATE (3/1/22): The D.C. Mayor’s office has lifted the indoor mask mandate in most settings; therefore, **masks are now optional.** The House of the Temple Library is open[…]

RMS Titanic: The Maryland Masonic Connection

July 3, 2012
Brother Oscar Scott Woody and his Masonic pocket knife Among the more unusual items in the Stephen J. Ponzillo, Jr. Memorial Library & Museum at the Grand Lodge of Maryland are a number of items related to R.M.S. Titanic. While the connection between the Titanic and Masonry may not be apparent, like everything in the museum there is a story.

The Great Light: Rare Bibles in the Scottish Rite Library

May 1, 2012
Featured in the 2004 film, National Treasure, this Bible dates to 1641. Everyone has some personal “stuff” on their desk. Some have family photos or some books. Others have their kids’ artwork. Well, for me, I also have a Bible(1) sitting on my desk. And, it’s not because I’m married to a minister, either. This Bible is really unique. It’s not just any Bible, it’s a ratty old-looking Bible, with part of the cover coming off. And, it has been on my desk since I first began working at the Scottish Rite.