Your 2016 Scottish Rite Has Talent Finalists!

May 4, 2016

Collage of four finalists from 2015 Scottish Rite Has TalentWe are pleased to announce the 2016 Scottish Rite Has Talent contest finalists:

  • Allen Smith, 32°, Valley of Atlanta, GA—Guitarist/Vocalist
  • Brent Reichow, KCCH, Valley of Minneapolis, MN—Vocalist
  • Cowboys of Kintyre–Band
    • Casey Stanislaw, 32°, Valley of Waco, TX—Guitarist
    • Bill Herridge, KCCH, Valley of Waco, TX—Bagpipes
    • Greg McEwen, 33°, Valley of Waco, TX—Bagpipes
    • Kermit Brock, 32°—Bagpipes
    • Jerry Casey, MM—Snare drum
  • Desmond Blair, 32°, Valley of Dallas, TX—Painter
  • Edwin Josey, 32°, Valley of Nashville, TN—Guitarist/Vocalist
  • Fellowcraft—Band
    • Brian Nelson-Palmer, 32°, Valley of Washington, DC, Drums/Backup vocals
    • JR MacDonald, MM—Vocals/Guitar
    • Brandon Williams—Bass and Backup vocals
  • Flavio Apro, 32°, Valley of Orange County, CA—Classical Guitarist
  • Frank Raines, KCCH, Valley of Washington, DC—Elvis Tribute Artist
  • Jason Charles Miller, 32°, Valley of Pasadena, CA—Vocalist
  • John Walter Sayne, 32°, Valley of Knoxville, TN—Pianist
  • Joshua Aaron Poole, 32°, Valley of Washington, DC—Jazz Vocalist
  • Michael Gatti, 32°, Valley of Phoenix, AZ—Swing Dancing
  • Oscar M. Paz, 32°, Valley of San Juan, PR—Vocalist/Rapper
  • Paul Thompson, KCCH, Valley of Miami, FL—Musical Vocalist
  • Comedy Duo
    • Terrance M. Schaffer, 32°, Valley of Minneapolis, MN
    • Lee E. Kielblock, KCCH, Valley of Minneapolis, MN

Congratulations, Brethren & friends!

Our sincere thanks to all who participated, and please remember to tune in to Celebrating the Craft on May 21, 2016, from 6 pm–Midnight ET at!