Adopt-a-Book Milestone

September 14, 2012

The Scottish Rite has hit a milestone. We are pleased to announce that the Adopt-a-Book program has made $20,000! We are excited about this because it shows how our Brethren have made a stand to preserve the most important thing that Heredom has to offer, her knowledge. Started last year, the Adopt-a-Book program was initially begun to help fund the essential renovations needed to meet the House of the Temple’s preservation goals. Since its establishment, the program has provided extra resources to our conservation team who work tirelessly to prevent the onset of deterioration that threatens the life spans of our rare and priceless books. The gifts we received went into a special fund, which is solely used to support the library’s conservation work, ensuring that many more books will be treated and protected for future generations of the craft, and all people to enjoy. In this day and age, books are often seen as archaic, old fashioned, and obsolete. The Scottish Rite believes that these books, while enjoyed in the present, should be preserved for the benefit of future generations. Our current limited resources mean that we cannot treat all the books that need conservation as quickly as we would like. Advancements in the realm of preservation technology, however, could turn our dreams into reality. The House of the Temple staff would like to be able to economically utilize these advancements in order to treat our collections in the way they deserve. The Adopt-a-Book program has provided and continues to provide valuable assistance to our preservation objectives. Furthermore, one of the greatest things to come out of this program has been the amount of Brethren that have paid tribute to those special to them. The majority of sponsors of the Adopt-a-Book program have made gifts in name of another member to ensure their enduring legacy. This gift is a thoughtful way to pay respect to those important to us with a simple, yet significant token of honor and brotherly love.